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Elder Landon Aldana
741 Plummer Road (appt 1503)
Hunstville Al, 35806

Saturday, November 28, 2015

I guess this week to start of it was not very bad at all just a fairly slow week. it started off very good when we were able to have Elder Dube from the 70 come down and gave us some really good training and such and it was just a good time all together. Elder Lovest {a new elder from LA} were able to go on an exchange together for a day, but kind of 2 days. we had a really good time and were able to learn a lot from each other. 

Elder Wilson From Arizona and I are getting along super well. hes such a funny kid and he has a really good singing voice. so all the time around the house ill just randomly hear him brake out into singing in the kitchen or something and them he just starts to laugh, hes such a funny fellow. we have been having a really good time together.

this week we did a Lot of tracking, well most weeks we do. This week was a hard week because no one really wanted to talk to us at all. It kind of sticks becuase its not like were just going around and like just saying something like. { hi were missionary for Jesus Christ..} and they just say no thanks and shut the door. But they will just like open the door and be like sorry... i dont believe in sacrificing my babies to Satan and then shut the door.

Everytime they just say some crazy things and Elder Wilson and I just stand there like -_____- not really knowing what to say, or we respond like. GREAT!!! we don't either haha theres some crazy rumors around Clanton about missionary and stuff and all about the Mormon church so we just are trying different ways to talk with people and start conversations. 

we have some really good ideas were going to try this week as we go around and such and just are going to mix everything up so were not just like the last few missionarys that came by, we want to have people open the door and we want to kind of catch them off gard and brake down the walls.

everything has been going along great for the most part, the only thing we can complain about is its so stinking cold!!!! not a huge fan of the weather down here yet but its growing on me haha. I Love Y'all 

Elder Landon ALdana
I don't got a ton of time today because we have had a Super crazy day but we are doing very well down here. My new companion Elder Wilson and I get along super great. Hes from Gilbart Arizona, and hes 19. hes just such a funny guy and were going to be having a ton of fun together. the last few days we have also been having a ton of great things happening with the work. A lot of really fun and great things have been happening these last few days and Were really excited for the coming weeks. 

This week were going to be.
Going to Birmingham for a training for Elder Dube from the 70. 
Going on exchanges. 
Doing some tracking. 
And just having a blast with what the weather brings us. {Rain, Sun, Clouds, whatever come its great}
I love y'all and hope that everything goes great this week. 

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

a lot of tracting and a lot of rain

It's been a good week i guess for the most part, just a lot of tracking and a lot of rain haha. but this week was trasfers, Elder Evens is going to be leaving so well have to see how this next week or so works out. ive just been really tired the last few days, not really in the mode to do anything haha. 

to be straight up theres really nothing to crazy/fun that happend this week. We just knocked on doors all day everyday, there is a few people that we are hoping to see this week but for the most part we just knocked and got told off. we had a good training this week, we talked alot about the savior and his love for us. 

we talked allot about peter, hes just such a great guy. so human, but we talked about when he walked on the water with Jesus. How for a little bit he was walking on water but then fell. and when Jesus walked back with him to the boat and set him down. there were a few things that we felt we could take from it. 

One. God does not get leave us, He wants us soooo bad to come back to him. we pictured Jesus and Peter like a father and a baby. the father calls for the baby to walk to him and the baby falls over. The father is not upset but he picks the baby up puts it back and calls to it again, until one day the baby learns to walk. 

two. sometimes we don't see how far we really have come. you can take peter and say well he almost got to Jesus but fell into the water so he almost made it but dident. Or you can say HOLY CRAP, Peter walked on water. he might have fallen but he walked on water! thats crazy in its self. 

we just need to look forward and keep moving on. Jesus wants us to keep moving and to keep walking to him, he will pick us up no mater how many times we fall down, look back at ourselfs and see how far we come and thats somethign amazing. 

i love you all, hope everything goes well. 
Elder Landy Aldana

we're not swimming yet!!

were not swimming yet!!

so this week there has been a TON of rain and i think its still raining i don't really have an idea, haha but were doing just fine. besides it gives me a chance to put on my coat and such. get a few more layers on me for the winter coming up. better get used to using more then just a short sleeve shirt again..

other then a ton of rain we have been doing good for the most part, our investigator Jackie dropped us this week so she will not be getting baptized. so this week looks like were back to the grind. we have a few people that we are teaching right now that we hope this week we will be able to see them again and see where there at. 

Elder Evens has been sick for the last few days with a bad stomach bug that has been going around the town and at some point he got it, my bet is that in the next few days if not tomorrow ill end up getting it :( but were both feeling pretty good today, so we hope that the next few days go as well as we hope they do,

surprise surprise the end of this week is transfers, HOLY COW. it was just like yesterday i got here and now there thinking about switching us up and such. man time goes by so fast in these little towns im telling ya, so thats going to be changing up the next few weeks over here. but for the most part its just crazy how fast everything is going

ill tell y'all something that i learned this week, and something i keep learning. im just soo glad that God has made it possible that we can try again and again and again. somedays out here i get home and just want to call it quits and come back home, its like everything you do you just cant help yourself and feel like your useless. im just so happy that i can lay it all on the table with God and try again the next day and keep on moving forward. 

a great quote i love, when i dont feel like im doing good or on par with what i would like our mission President always says. "just keep moving the herd ruffly west." were all going at diffrent speeds and in diffrent lines, but the goal is just to keep moving in the same direction with everyone. 

i love y'all hope everything keeps going fairly well over there!
Love ELder Landon Aldana