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Elder Landon Aldana
741 Plummer Road (appt 1503)
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Monday, July 25, 2016


News flash, I'm Moving to Alabaster Alabama. So don't send anything up here... or it will most likely, never be found. ;( I'll Send you my new address when I arrive, also I'll see if I can't find someone when I move their where you can send things too....

But ya... I'll be leaving Mississippi, feels like it's only been a week but it's already been 6..... I've really enjoyed the people and the members here, I've made a lot of good friends and memories here, and I can't wait to come back!! 

On the flip side, I've lived basically in Alabaster already! When I first started here, if any y'all remember Columbiana, It is neighbors to Alabaster. I would say I have a very High chance to go and see Columbiana again! I've also lived in Alabaster every now and then on different Missionary exchanges and Large meetings in Birmingham. It will be interesting to see how the next few weeks turn out!! I also know that Alabaster is once again about a 180 from here! I would love to leave ya with a good taste of what it's been like here!!

one thing that i've always loved and really come to love here is these peoples!! If you had no clue about anything here in Alabama one thing you might know is that there is still a very big racial Segregation. It's very quaint, but also slightly depressing. the old dispute here has never ended! the people have changed but the problems are still around. I've enjoyed more then anything to be on the fence. As Missionarys it does not mater what color you are, Black, White, Blue, Purple. you are always known for talking about Jesus, and are pretty chill. A warm feeling comes from just about everyone! or at least the ones that will talk with ya! ;P

Smaller towns like this one here people tend to be much more talkative. It's been nice to really take interest in others lives, and most of the time they also take some interest back! And last the culture is one of the things I've grown to love so much about Mississippi, To be frank. The black Culture is much more fun then the white people. Every one is welcome, we all try and keep the feeling happy and competitive, were all very open about everything! no need to be embarrassed! you just can't help but to love them!

I love y'all I'll write ya from Alabama!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

I've really been thinking about differences this last week

hmmmm.... I have no clue where a good place to send a package would be, Give me a week and I'll get you an address you can send one to! Y'all can send it to the address I'll give ya next week.

This week I've had a thought on my mind I don't normal get. I've really been thinking about differences this last week! one of the big reasons why is that Elder Messerly and I are like 100% different, Not a fiber in us is even remotely close to each other haha!! If I like squares, He likes circles. If I like vanilla, he likes chocolate. With so many different opinions on a variety of different things related to missionary work, we tend to clash heads quite a bit. I have a few different thoughts on this. 

Half of me says.... Hes been out 3 months, Most of the 3 month people i know are such fools haha!! (not in a mean way, we're all just figuring things out still.) 

The other half of me really tries to give him the benefit of the doubt, trying out his ideas and ways he likes to work. Even when I think it might be a waist of time, or a poor idea. I try and let him/me see if it really is not the best.

We tend to talk... A LOT, and really try and give and take from each other. I think that what I have come to recently is that we are not going to change each other! Just like any other argument, they both are needed in our lives. We all are able to voice what we think is the best. Just like I don't / won't let anyone make a choice for me. I also can't think I could do the same to others! And so... we agree to disagree, we both stand for things that are basic to missionary work. studies, getting up, talking with people, But our ways we go about it we can put our own opinions to the test. 

A wise man here once said. "You can be right, or you can be happy!" I think I've started to understand that a little bit better. Sometimes it might have been better to shoot down a crazy idea, and sometimes we should try it. The big thing that I have learned this week is that you have to really respect each other, and do things that make each other happy. You might not be the most effective ever!! but you sure might be the happiest ever!! 

So we can disagree on things, stand up for our opinions, but we also have to respect others just as much!!

I love you! as always!!
Elder Landon Aldana!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Would an idiot do that?


Well, i'll tell you what! it's getting hot down here haha, all of the rain is great and all to cool us down for a little bit, BUT the worst part is that after all of the rain has come down then we get to be steamed for a little bit! It's going to be a dig diffrent I think going back to something less humid I might turn into a alligator! And those things are scary.... trust me haha!!

It's been a great week thou, we have been able to see a lot of different people. The other day we met someone who's house had been broken into and he was very upset about it. when we were talking with him hes like, I hope it wasn't y'all or i would shoot ya, and then pulled his gun out to show us.... The whole time I'm sitting there thinking in my head, (PLEASE DON"T SHOOT US!!!!) but of course you can't do that as a missionary, so a simple. "na man....... was'nt us" was sufficient for him to believe us, our white shirt and ties also helped out a good bit haha. 

I think that's one thing I have really grown to love down here, a lot of missionarys always wish they could go out in normal cloths, "more people would talk to us" "Right???" I think people might, but their is a huge presence you have when you walk around In the same cloths that others before you have walked around in for years! for one, those who really don't like Mormons wont even give you the time of day, so you don't got to worry about them. another thing is that everyone knows who you are... or knows your Christian. (we are very commonly confused for the Jehovah Witness) but In the end they know all you are there to do is be chill and talk about Jesus? 

Their is also a lot that you have to be careful about, If someone who was a missionary a while about was not the best of a missionary, everyone remembers it. It's something that is a love hate relationship. I love it because even when I really want to do something I know we should'nt or something we should'nt do comes up. I remember everyone will know it was the missionary for years to come, I remind myself of 2 of my new favorite quotes we all learn out here....

1) "Before I do anything I ask myself, Would an Idiot do that? If the answer is yes, I do not do that thing"


2) Someone is watching thats a fact,
Someone will copy the way your act,
So take this poem and put it to use,
And be someones example and not their excuse!

I've really loved being a missionary so far, everything about from the way we dress to the things we do, Everything has power behind it. It reminds me how little and yet how large of an impact I have!!

Know we all love y'all and pray for you as you pray for us!!
Elder Landon Aldana!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016


It's been a very hot week haha! Our 4th of July was great, we did not see any fireworks thou.... We, don't have a ton of time today because this morning we were playing a lot of basketball with some of the kids around town. 

I'll talk a little about that because that was what i would think what one of the best things that has happened this week. 

This week, were looking for some place to play basketball on P-day, most of the people around town here play at this old school called hunt high... i think... but were going down to the school to play with everyone. To paint a better picture you have to remember were very much in a hood down here. we are basically the only 2 white guys here. So were walking into this school where everyone has told us this is the place to play. there is about 15 of these super great and funny black kids all talking smack to us, but once we start playing we start to get along a lot more.

As the hour goes on Elder messerly and I are talking more and joking around more with um, and the most amazing thing happens. They know were the Mormons and that we talk about God, so the coach asks us if we would pray before we left. As were finishing up our last 10 minuets, the doors swing open and their is about 100 of this super cute elementary school kids walk in. As there sitting on the stand they see us playing and they all start going crazy, One of the points I remember Elder Messerly and I made a great play where I ran down the court threw the ball around my back to him. He shot this really crazy 3 point shot and made it and all of these Kids start freaking out and cheering for us. It was sooo much fun. 

It gets better duo... So this goes on for the last 10 ish minuets of the game, and were getting ready to have a quick pray and leave with um all. And the coach asks me to pray for the basketball kids with us. Right before were about to we ask if the kids want to pray with us, So all these kids run over to us and were all gathered in a circle. They all reach out to touch each-other and ask me to come to the middle of the circle. As were all holding on to each-other I lead us is this short prayer. 

It was one of the super special moments that we just never have back home.... I tell you what just hearing about how awful this world is. Living here in Columbus where its very very poor, people get shot just about every other night. people get killed and beat, It's sooooooOOO great to see that we can still come together whatever our problems or race and play some fun basketball. 

I tell you what I've become such a baby out here Crying and getting all emotional, but i'm more then convinced that if we really did even just respect each-other, we would have soooo many less problems. I'm so excited for the end when we all will be together. I can only imagine how hard it's got to be for God to look down on this world and not stop it all. I'm a firm believer that all will be made up for in this next life. The good and the bad, all will be just and fair. 

All I wan't to leave this week is Please please, show love to as many people as you can. Take the time to Listen, and to do the important things in life while we can! 

Landon Aldana!