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Elder Landon Aldana
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Thursday, September 29, 2016

As to whom is may concern, let you're eyes abide here on the text from afar!....spent a good 30 seconds on that
this week has been a great week, not a whole ton happened. busy thou... 

Went to the temple on Thursday! Elder Purcell and I have been riding bikes tons more, because of a mile cut in the mission, not that we did not ride before now we just ride a lot more... 

today we have a ton of stuff to do, hanging out with less actives, eating, and a whole lot of fun, ill send pictures next week. 

Super pumped to hear about luke!!! 

were alive and well! keep on keepin on!
Elder Landon Aldana!

Monday, September 19, 2016

Hard work!!!

this week has been a great week, but a very hard week... Mixed emotions of Hype and Fatigue are both very present haha! Most everyone this week was very not interested, almost anti. Which never makes anything better! :P This week i've grown tired of the mundane routine of every day. I always looked to mix things up as much as I can and with Elder Purcell being as new as he is it's very easy to do things most other companions never would want to do. 

One of these grand ideas we had this week sparked from all the excitement and intrigue of the new "Pokemon Go" game. Over the last few weeks since it's blow up all over Alabaster, i've wanted to do something with it. This week what we ended up doing was going to the store, getting 2 of the biggest poster boards of red and white, and built a giant poke-ball. penned with the words "CATCH a chance to MEET THE MORMONS" whited in black sharpie marker. taped to our fold up kitchen table we took it to the middle of the park, in our attempt to talk to all the pokemon goers? If that's what you call um haha!!

we also went down to Montevallo again, the college town and talked to a good bit of people our age. there not much more interested, but the sure a lot less anti and are stubborn as all the old staunch baptist we meet! other than that, really nothing too crazy has been going on. Elder Purcell and I get along great! like for real talk, we get along very well. Whats even better is were 2 very different people. He's a basketball player from California, I'm the geeky semi nerd from mapleton utah! It all works out great thou!

Alabama is great!~ still hot, still humid, still red neck! 
Love y'all lots!!

Elder Landon Aldana!

Monday, September 12, 2016


It's been great these last few nights, feels like were in a cool 70* or 60* when the sun goes down. It's been fabulous to walk around in. For a quick update, i've been talking with President Sainsbury about going home a little early for school and such, trying to get everything set up. We still have not really set down a time or date when i'll be going home, part of the church pollicies is that were not suppose to go home before 30 days of our ministerial certificate expires, so now we have been trying to figure out if we want to do a mid transfer go home, or just stay till the end and go home 5 days after school starts. As we have been talking it sounds like a lot of the people in our group are not planning to go home early. that's about all we have talked about these last few days. I'll let you know if anything changes.

specking of change, not too much is happening here in Alabaster, I'm staying with Elder Purcell. We have been having a blast! he's from California, we have a lot in common haha, Both had long hair, long boarded at one point. We both were kind of punk's now we both just look back and are like "man... highschool is weird" I feel like you're so silly in high school, we both talked about how different it is when you get out of high school and grow up a little bit. When it's less about what people think about you, but more of how much you think about other people. how you're perspective changes and you have to grow up and do hard things. 

It's been a lot of fun here in Alabaster, we have quite a bit of youth here in this ward. It's been nostalgic to talk with them and to think that just a few months.... years, ago I was also right there in the mess of drama as well. The drama might not totally be gone, but it's been changed on what causes drama. 

For the most part, everything is going great. I don't have anything to complain about, weathers getting better...... I lied If there is one thing to be sad about its Football season starting again. Man do people go crazy about it all down here. The other day we were out knocking on some doors during a football and it's tragic, you would think you interrupted there marriage, or a funeral. Everyone looks at you like your a total fool, or you grew up under a rock or something and don't understand whats going on haha! It's been nice having to think of all sorts of funny come backs to people. (football related ones) 

Alabama is great! I love it, Might not move here but ima sure be a bigger football fan when i get home!

Elder Landon Aldana! 

Tuesday, September 6, 2016


It's that time of the month again... and from what we know, Elder Henrie is going to be moving and ill be staying here for who knows how long. The two of us has really enjoyed the time that we were able to spend with each other, even if it was for only 6 weeks... :( but there has been a few things that really stuck out to me this week as we were going around. 

One came this week as we were going around, doing our thing.. talking with everyone! hah, but I wanted to something new. We get asked for money... alot.... and we play it off all the time, but were in a gas station this time. This man came up asking for money, trying to take the time to teach, I respond to him. "silver and gold we have not.." (quote from acts, when peter heals a crippled man) thinking that I was clever, but then I remembered were in the south. To what he responds "but what I have I give you", Finishing the scripture. Once again reminding me that the people here are really sharp. 

but more then that, It reminded me of a good representation of the south. As we go about our day here, we get Pamphlets, Cards, Invitations, Bashes, and all other sorts of goodies. here we are interlocked in a battle for "TRUTH" people like to say down here... truth about the scriptures, God, Jesus. I am always amazed at just how well versed people are down here. That there are a ton of people down here who really are trying their best, to be their best. It's very nice, I don't really remember much about back home but I don't ever really remember people talking about the Bible at the store. It's hard for me to see people Praying in the stores, hanging crosses, scriptures every where. 

Theres nothing quite like Alabama, it's very refreshing to me to know that even thou we all don't really agree with each other. If there was every a problem around, people most of the time look out for one another!

I Love alabama, love the people, love the food. not much to complain about!!
Love y'all lots!!
Landon Aldana!