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Elder Landon Aldana
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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

this week has been very good

HELLO!!!! what a week it has been, its been quite the interesting week to say the least! a good bit has been happening, some of the bigger things I would have to say is first. We had our last zone confrence with President Hanks, so we all were very excited to hear really all of his last little remarks that he wanted to leave with us. A lot of his trainings were mostly dieing wishes, so all of them were very powerful and very spiritual. I think one of the biggest things that I have learned from these last few months with President Hanks would have to be all about changing the NOW. Not letting anyone make any choices for you, but using our agency to make our own. 

One of the other really big things that happened this week is that our most progressing investigator J dropped some really big news on us. To make a long story short she has investigated the church a while ago, but this time when she came back to church with us everyone kind of jumped up and things got a lot more complicated with her. we had planned on working with her and she was suppose to be baptized this Saturday, but that has been moved to a now pending date! we hope that she is really willing to change and that she should be baptized here soon!!

other then all of that crazy jazz this week has been very good, the weather is starting to warm up so were all very excited about the summer! we have still been enjoying getting the chance to go out and do a good bit of tracking. its become something that i've grown to really enjoy. Here we call it something along the lines of "sharpening your sword" if you don't want to be awkward around people that you have not met, go out and do it a lot. Soon enough your bound to get alright at it haha!!! 

Alabama is great!! I love it, I really do know that this is the place that i was suppose to come and the place where I have come to know who the savior is! I love it here and really am going to miss sooo much about it!!

God bless y'all!! sounds like everyone has so fun things going on in life right now!! 
Elder Landon ALdana

                                                        Chicken nachos!

Monday, May 16, 2016

What an interesting week it has been...


What an interesting week it has been.... lots of crazy weather as always, I'm really glad I have a big coat. It's been keeping a lot of the water off me when we are out in the rain and biking in it, so if I never said thanks before... THANKS!

Glad to hear that everything seems to be going good back home. Dads ear looks NASTY!!! He was not lieing when he said he was Frankenstein haha!! but i'm very glad that everything is going to be just fine. It reminds me of a story that I don't think I told any of y'all back home. It happened about 2 weeks ago. Elder Whetten and I were going to see a less-active member of the ward. One who is SUPER into war-hammer and kind of nerdy stuff. so basically we get along super well!! He also has a son who is 15 and not a member of the church, (also super nerdy)

I got think great idea, they have some armor from the medieval time era. My idea was that we would go over one P-day and dress up in some armor, and basicly get his super funny son to come and smack us with wood swords, and he did!! While we were fighting with him and each other I was holding up my shield and he smashed this big ol halibert onto it. When he did my shield was a little defective and it ended up slipping out of my grip a little bit and cut my wrist pretty bad haha! 

Anywho I got cut a little bit on my wrist and I bleeding all over the place, so were like freaking out because I'm about to bleed all over my cloths, but I got inside and the member that stayed there was a nurse bad in the day. He patched me up in to time and my wrist looks great now, just a little pink from where the cut was. I thought of that as I was looking at dads ear haha. I was not that bad but enough that I had to be taken care of then and not wait all day haha. 

I'm in love with Alabama ill tell ya that, the people here are a little more stubborn but those that are open are really open and are very good at understanding. hope y'all continue to have a great week, as well as that we have a good one also!! 

love ya lots!! 
ELder Landon ALdana!

Monday, May 2, 2016

There has just been a lot of rain over here

hmmm.... well lets see ima tell you straight up ima cop out for this week because y'all are just calling next week!, but for anyone else ill write a little letter haha! I'm guessing well call after church, we also have church from 11:00 to 2:00 so i would plan on calling sometime after church, I would guess around like 4:00? or 5:00 y'alls time, but im not super sure whats going to be happening on sunday. no one has really reached out to us and we don't want to just try and invite ourselves over to someones house on mothers day... so... plan around 5:00 if anything crazy happens well let ya know some how... haha!

There has just been a lot of rain over here the last few days! we have just been knocking a lot of doors and talking with a good bit of people. It's been about the same haha! Elder Whetten and I are going to be staying together for another 6 weeks here. transfer calls were last night and were both staying together so were excited about that! Last week we were "LARP"ing (live action roll play) with a less active and his non member son, we dressed up in some sweet medieval armor and hit each other with some heavy wood swords haha. we had a good ol time doing that last week!

Today we went to the thrift store and picked us up a few bibles. a Great little Gideon Bible, an NIV Bible. Over these last few months I've really enjoyed reading from some other translations of the Bible, granted most of my reading is in the KJV and the BOM, but i would like to share a little bit why I like different Bibles. 

I am SOOOOO sick of people saying stupid stuff like "If its not in the Bible God must have not done it... or God does not say anything about it in the Bible.... and I only read from the KJV of the Bible its closest one so I only read from that one of the Original manuscript." I'll be the first to tell you, the Bible is FAR from perfect, same with the Book of Mormon. Why? Because MEN wrote it! (1N 19:6-7) but what they teach is true!!! so i really enjoy reading different texts and getting to really get a good message of what God tries to say to me! 

over here people take the Bible to be soooo perfect, if there is not a text to back up a teaching it must be false!! and I hate that..!! God is not the Bible. He speaks to us threw the Bible but he is not confined in our 4 book cannon or scripture, If God wants to teach us he can do it anyway he wants. he can tell us things not found in the bible, and can help push us to be better. I love the Bible but because of what it teaches not because of the exact words in it! I will say thou you do have to be careful you dont make anything up... there is truth! I try and follow Christ teaching is John! "If any man will do his will, he shall know of the doctrine, whether it be of God, or whether I speak of myself."

so learn the scriptues!! and do them!! then you will know if what we believe is made up.. or really truth!
I love all y'all and hope everyone has a great mothers day also!!!

Elder Landon Aldana!