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Elder Landon Aldana
741 Plummer Road (appt 1503)
Hunstville Al, 35806

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

nothing holding back

well i guess to start off the week has been good, but very cold...... sometimes i wonder how i made it last winter, but i think that its not going to get much worse. other then it just being very cold for the most part we have just been spending a lot of time knocking doors these last few days. 

this month in the mission we are having what we call Book of Mormon month. The idea of it is basicly just teach as much as possible about the Book of Mormon and hand out 40 Book of Mormons. I really like it, we have Book of Mormon month about twice a year so its always interesting to see what happens in 30 days.

man, these last few days i have been extremely tired. I'm thinking its the grey days that we have been having all the time and just not seeing the sun at all. Its been very hard to get motivation to do anything these last few weeks going into the winter months, but were very excited for the next few weeks. 

we have Interviews with President Hanks this week and then next week we have a World wide mission devotional, so were all very excited about that and getting to hear from the General Authority and such. these last few months its been weird thinking that President Hanks will be going home before i do so anytime that we get to see him i love to just get to talk with him and be with him for a little bit longer. 

other then cold winter nights and long days in the rain, i have really begun to just enjoy being out here these last few months. thinking about where i was and were i was going. its so great to me to think that all day i just get to try and help people come closer to Christ. not even just come to the Mormon church, but i just get to help out and serve all day!!!. its great!!!!

the work here is great. as one missionary said a few days ago giving her last words to the mission because she goes home at the end of this month. she said "a missionary told me something once. Gods work WILL move forward, we just have to chose if we want to be part of it" I tell you what i want to be part of it. nothing holding back

i love Alabama, all of it!!! 
Elder Landon Aldana

Monday, January 4, 2016

this week is my HUMP DAY!!!

My shoe size is 11 D... the only thing that i really could use at this time is just some new shoes. other then that everything else is holding up for the most part. SOOOO.... if i could get some easy to cook recipes that would be super nice. and not even like SUPER easy but if you could send me the Ti Lettuce wraps one. that would be super helpful!!! I guess no surprise to anyone this week is my HUMP DAY!!! and its been so good already haha. last night Elder Wilson and I were talking and kind of got a little flare in the conversation, but after we were able to have a great spiritual moment together and were able to just like look back into our pasts. 

i was thinking it being about my year mark i would give y'all a little bit more information about how i was feeling when i first started this whole mission thing....

 QUOTE "1/07/2015 It's my first day as a missionary. ITS SO CRAZY here I'm feeling so many emotions right now but i feel that im in the right place. Elder Nelson is my MTC companion were like best friends already and im so excited to get to know him better. Im starting to miss home a little now. Its weird to think im not going to come back for 2 YEARS!!! i can feel the SPIRIT... I think its the Spirit anyway, so strong right now, in this place. Everything goes by so fast but its so good. in rooming with Elder Tatton, Elder Farr, and Elder Nelson. 

we seem to get along good and no one cares if I sleep with a fan, so thats a good thing. we met our zone leaders today. they seem like good people but its still hard to talk to anyone. I'm way excited to be here now but im Nervous the schedule is crazy from 6:30 to 10;30 your packed with things to do, but i feel that im learning a little and im ready for tomorrow. " first day in the mission....

i look back at that and just think about what i was feeling right about that time. I was SCARED!!! heck i didnt know a thing about anything in the church and now i was going to have to go and teach people about it for 2 YEARS!!!!!... and yet i did not know a thing about it myself. Let me tell you the story about me now. 

" Elder Landon Aldana. 6'4 white kid from Mapleton Ut.... WAY OUT IN THE COUNTRY..... I'm more confident then i have ever been in my entire life and for the first time in a long time i am able to see a bigger picture. no longer stuck in my old life but able to step back and change my life for the better and learn more about God then i ever would have back home. My mission has not only Saved my Spiritual life. It has saved my Physical life. no longer the silly young Gamer KID... but ive been able to find my own funny happy little self." 

as of right now. i can say with 100% i have found my Convert, i have learned to look outside oneself to find your true self. 
I love y'all !!!!
Elder Landon Aldana