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Elder Landon Aldana
741 Plummer Road (appt 1503)
Hunstville Al, 35806

Monday, November 21, 2016


Well, it sounds like that is quite a bit of stuff moving and going on back over there. I'm sorry to hear that. There has been a ton of stuff going on over here as well. Around the holidays here everyone does one of two things. One, there super nice because it's Thanksgiving and Christmas and they are just great people. Or two there total jerks and are like, "DuDE!! can you not see it's Christmas?? do y'all ever go away? I'm thinking were going to be getting more of the first ones this year... or at least i'm keeping my fingers crossed. You never can tell thou! people have started to be a little bit less crazy about football as well, all we got to do now is get past the 26th... the IRON BOWL! could be a holiday in Alabama if they could! It's the day Alabama plays Auburn crazy world out that day!

I don't really know what I want for the Holidays... One thing to start is that everyone should join us on December 1st! world wide day of service the church is pushing this year! were super excited because it's part of this years Christmas theme is all about 25 ways to help show the saviors light to the world! were super amped up about it and I think that, that would be one of the big things that I could ask for Christmas. If people would really just love each other for each other. If we could each take a little bit more time to do things for each other. That would be one of the things that I wish most of this year. 

Other then no rain, the weather here has been perfect, almost a little cold! Everyone here has been having a real big problem with the air being so dry a lot of people have been having problems with allergies. (even me... :( ) It's been crazy with no rain everyone has been losing there voice and has a runny noes! so pray for some rain down here so we all don't dry up and end up like Utah. It's been weird to see that everything is still fairly green, I think it's going to be nice to see all of the leaves change super fast. 

Well I love y'all! hope you enjoy this thanksgiving as much as we are! Love ya lots!

Elder Landon Aldana!

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